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John Walsh: Responsible Leadership, Common Sense

Welcome to my website, and thank you for taking the time to investigate my reelection effort for the State House of Representatives in the 19th District.

What a journey we’ve had since January 1, 2011! A lingering recession and years of political inactivity left Michigan with a massive deficit and little direction for the future. While our citizens face unprecedented changes in their job security, pay and benefits, the public sector had continued to grow. I made an uncompromising commitment to make the difficult decisions necessary to create a better future for our State.

We truly balanced the budget in 2011, eliminating a billion dollar deficit that had plagued the State for a decade by putting people first and politics second. Imagine – just one year later, we have a small surplus and the opportunity to address our priorities through an accountable and efficient government. We replaced the job killing Michigan Business Tax with a tax system that has encouraged our small businesses to grow and others to locate in Michigan, leading to employment opportunities throughout the State. We have worked hard to make our government efficient, and to compassionately, but directly, address the long-term liabilities of our public sector employees to better align pay and benefits with the private sector. Here’s what it means to you – a government that provides a valuable return to all of our citizens and one that creates an environment of quality and stability.

I have continued to work with anyone with a good idea and the commitment to create real solutions. While a proud Republican and member of the House Leadership team, I have worked across the aisle and with my colleagues in the Senate to produce legislation that drives a better quality of life in Michigan.

With the support of my family, the citizens of Livonia, and my colleagues in Lansing, I will continue to fight for our hardworking taxpayers.

I encourage you to check this website during the campaign for new information. You may also seek additional information about me and my ongoing work at the following resources:

I hope you find this website to be useful. I am honored by your interest and hope for your support.


John Walsh